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Clayton Early Learning is one of the nation's leaders in early childhood education, dedicated to improving the quality of learning that children experience before they begin kindergarten. When we have positions available, we seek early childhood professionals who want to spread their wings, share their talents, work collaboratively with other leaders in early childhood and actively incorporate research-based strategies into improving their practice.

Community Partnership Specialist

Department: Family & Community Services
Location: Denver, CO

POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for oversight of the delivery of comprehensive services, compliance, quality assurance and monitoring in all community childcare partnership sites. Determines service gaps for children and families and supports the development, implementation of services and the improvement needed for existing services.  Responsible for possessing a comprehensive understanding of Head Start Performance Standards, licensing procedures for early childhood education and skills adequate to manage, oversee and hold programs accountable for the delivery of services. Maintains on-going communication and tracking mechanisms to ensure quality services are provided and received in the areas of education, health, nutrition, family engagement, early intervention, eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment and attendance. Responsible for ensuring professional development opportunities and plans are in place.  




  • Ensures compliance with the implementation of federal, licensing and organization guidelines, Head Start Performance Standards as well as state and local regulations in community partnership sites.  Oversees the management and coordination of compliance in all areas.


  • Collaborates with the community partnerships leadership staff, Mentor Coaches and Child Family Educators to ensure quality education, family and community services are implemented. This includes meeting Head Start Standards in the areas of enrollment, recruitment, selection and attendance. 


  • Provide on-going coaching to leadership staff toward the development of management systems that ensure the highest quality of comprehensive services are provided. 


  • Monitors and tracks education credentials in collaboration with community sites and supports Human Resources with staffing credentials and file needs.


  • Analyzes and evaluates health and nutrition services monthly using monthly health and nutrition reports and data to ensure compliance with Head Start Performance Standards and to identify gaps in service.


  • Ensures compliance with the Child and Adult Food Program.


  • Demonstrates responsible professional behavior by participating effectively within and across teams to develop collaborative relationships through effective communication and problem solving.


  • Attends and facilitates regularly scheduled meetings that focus on service delivery, systems development, program improvement and reporting.


  • Responsible for supporting transitions and mapping children to openings in the program. Ensures all program vacancies are filled within thirty days.


  • Ensures the coordination and delivery of early intervention services complies with Head Start Performance Standards. Ensures mental health services are monitored and received.


  • Collaborates with community site staff to provide program-wide opportunities for professional growth and training.


  • Initiates the understanding of expectations regarding the use and development of assessment tools for use in evaluating child/family needs, circumstances and situations. 


  • Supports the Clayton team to ensure parents are involved in early intervention staffings. Describes and ensures parents understand the process, their childís needs and the services the child will receive.


  • Is responsible for regular attendance in accordance with established work schedule and Clayton Educare policies.


  • Supervises the Program Associate responsible for supporting community partnership sites.





  • Represents the program in the community with outside groups, organizations and agencies, and/or may serve as a committee member and/or public speaker for development/improvement in the community.


  • Organizes professional resource materials and monitors the use and application of same.


  • Performs other duties as assigned.







Minimum education: A Bachelorís degree in ECE, Human Development, Family Studies or related field. Masterís degree preferred. 


Minimum Experience: 4-6 years of family and social service experience plus 2 years of supervisory and program experience. Knowledge of economic, cultural, and societal challenges of ethnically diverse communities.


Certificates or licenses: Colorado Department of Human Services child care center director qualification.  Pediatric CPR and First Aid certification.  Valid driverís license with evidence of vehicle insurance.


Special professional and/or job-related requirements: Current PPD-TB and physical examination, background check, and compliance with other regulatory requirements as applicable.


Special training or experience: Thorough knowledge of community problems and resources. Experience in relating to small children, and interacting with parents and others who represent various backgrounds. Experience in evaluating situations and decision-making.  Demonstrated organizational, writing, and communication skills. Training or experience in working as a functional member of a team.





Automobile, telephone, calculator, computer, copier, typewriter, fax, and similar other business/office equipment. 





  • Conduct activities involving moderate standing, walking, and moderate sitting.
  • Lift a child weighing up to 50 pounds and lift, carry, push, and/or pull a burden weighing up to 25 pounds.
  • Grasp and manipulate office and medical equipment and similar other tools and materials.
  • Work with hands above shoulder height with a weight up to 5 pounds.
  • Work with arms extended at shoulder height with a weight up to 5 pounds.
  • Participate in routine conversation in person or via telephone, email, webinar or other means of communication agreed on by those implementing Early Head Start services.
  • Distinguish small objects at near and far distances in conditions of bright or low light. Distinguish color and depth, and see objects in a wide field of vision.
  • Respond to unanticipated situations involving activities of young children ranging in age from 3 to 5 years of age.
  • Operate an automobile.





This position is classified as a Category III risk within the Clayton Early Learning work environment.  Employees in Category III are those whose primary job responsibilities involve no exposure to blood, body fluids or other potential infectious materials.  See exposure control plan for further details.  The majority of this position's duties are performed within an indoor or a protected environment.  The incumbent may be exposed to loud noises. The incumbent may be exposed to adverse weather and congested traffic conditions while traveling on Family Futures business.  May be exposed to the threat of direct or indirect violence/conflict by other individuals, and other unanticipated circumstances associated with the profession.





  • Interpret/understand information received as well as prepares and transmits it.  Involves ongoing interaction with other employees, the general public, and children and parents within the community.  May involve interaction with persons whose first language is not English.


  • Read and understand written materials and compose information/instruction in written form.


  • Remember schedules, programs, policies, and other details, and apply good time management and organization skills.


  • Understand and perform basic mathematical computations.


  • Apply analytical skills essential for assessment and evaluation responsibility.


  • Apply problem-solving skills essential in developing solutions for unanticipated issues and challenges.


  • Remain calm in an emergency and/or confrontational situation.


  • Calm others under stressful or confrontational conditions.


  • Identify conflict and take the steps necessary to resolve the issues or inform those who can.


  • Work with other people taking into consideration, among the dynamics, their needs, their personal styles, and the requirements of their jobs.


  • Understand and apply organizational theories and practices essential in the development and implementation of policies, practices, programs, and employee communications.






  • Ability to speak a foreign language such as Spanish, Hmong, or Vietnamese.


Employees are held accountable for all duties of this job. This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, or qualifications associated with the job.  I understand I am to become familiar with its contents.  If I have any questions regarding this job description, I understand that I should talk to my supervisor.


I understand that this job description in no way modifies my status as an at-will employee and in no way implies, infers, or guarantees my continued employment for any definite term and that I may be terminated at the discretion of the employer.


Clayton Early Learning seeks to reflect the diverse community we serve. 

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